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Basic policy on the protection of personal information
In order to prevent leaks of registered private information Yasui Konpiragu (below stated as “the shrine”) will administer the information correctly according to the basic policy in regard to the protection of personal information. When sending an inquiry, be sure to read the following “On private information management” and use the form of agreement according to its terms and conditions.

1. The purpose of private information utilization; terms of usage/ disclosure
Information regarding private users, as a rule, will be utilized to provide users with information concerning the shrine. If the user does not wish to receive information from the shrine, upon the user’s request the shrine will cease sending information to the user. Furthermore, after clearly indicating the purpose of utilization (terms of usage/disclosure) beforehand, information pertaining to private users gained through this website will not be used for purposes other than those stated on the site.

2. On nondisclosure to the third party
The private information provided by the user, with the exception of cases stated below, will not be disclosed or supplied to any third party.

1) Upon users consent.
2) When disclosure to the shrine subcontractors or business partners is necessary to achieve users utilization purpose. However in such a case, we will ensure that proper management of private information is imposed on the receiving party.
3) When disclosure to the shrine related company is necessary to offer proper response to the inquiry.
4) If the private information disclosure request is based on laws and ordinances, the disclosure will be limited to the authorities concerned.

3. Recording of the registration information
Changes, confirmation, corrections and deletion of private information registered by the user himself will be subject to a proper response only upon request and only after verification by the shrine that the requesting person is the user himself or a person commissioned by the user.

4. Security measures
In order to secure safe administration of user’s private information the shrine implements rational and adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to private information from outside and hazard of loss, destruction, alternation and leakage of private information.
Furthermore the shrine appoints an information administrator who not only attempts the proper management of private information but also implements rules for information security and makes them known to all employees.

5. Revisions of the policy
The contents of above provisions concerning handling of users private information will be verified and revised as required according to changes in relevant laws and ordinances.

February 6th, 2013

70, Shimobentencho,Higashio-ji Matsubara Agaru,
Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0823, Japan
Yasui Konpiragu

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